Rib Plate 1

BBQ Meals

Ready-to-go meat, sides and rolls

Meat: Smoked tri-tip, ribs, pulled pork, chicken, brisket, hot links, Italian sausage or Kielbasa

Sides: Pesto pasta, potato salad, macaroni salad, Greek salad or house salad
2 meats and 2 sides – $14.99 per person + tax
3 meats and 2 sides – $18.49 per person + tax


Sandwich platterSandwich trays

Choose from a variety of cold cut sandwiches including: roast beef, ham, hot meatball, hot tri-tip, pastrami, turkey, salami, vegetarian, tuna or crab meat. Condiments: mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, Bermuda onions, jalapeño peppers or pepperoncini, olive oil & vinegar. Specific sandwiches available upon request.

Large 18” tray (feeds 10 to 12)  $59.99
Small 16” tray (feeds 8 to 10)  $49.99


For Catering Orders and Questions Call 916-834-2034


kids tray close upKids sandwich trays

Choose: 1/4 cut meat and cheese or PB & J on sliced bread.

Large 18” tray (feeds 20 kids) $39.99
Small 16” tray (feeds 15 kids)  $29.99


Boxed lunches

Half sandwich, side salad, 1 cookie, and 1 one can of soda.
$10.50, Minimum 10 orders


All prices subject to change, all hot items are taxed. All trays are for delivery or pick-up and custom menus are available upon request! Ask about on-site rates, a 10% service Charge will apply. Gratuity at 15% included on orders over $150.


Salads and other Trays

Greek-salad Greek salad Romaine lettuce, onions, fresh tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, olives and pepperoncini served with a zesty lemon vinaigrette dressing. Large $44.99 (Feeds 25-30), Small $29.99 (Feeds 12-15)
Potato-salad Potato salad Creamy and good… even better than your mom’s! Large $79.99 (Feeds 25-30), Small $42.99 (Feeds 12-15
Pesto-Salad Pesto pasta Pasta, carrots, black olives, squash, zucchini and peas with a creamy pesto sauce. Large $65.99 (Feeds 25-30), Small $34.99 (Feeds 12-15)
RavioliTray Ravioli trays Baked Ravioli with side of rolls. Large tray $95.99, add Meatballs $24.99 (Feeds 20-24) Small tray $52.99, add Meatballs $12.99 (Feeds 10-12)
veggie-tray Veggie tray Variety of fresh vegetables with ranch-style dipping sauce. $39.99
fruit-tray Fruit tray Get a variety of fresh seasonal fruit. (Price changes seasonally)
D-egg Deviled eggs Bring these to you next potluck and tell everyone you made ‘em! 1 dozen for $12.99
dessert-tray Dessert tray $48.99 (Feeds 24-48 people)
BBQ Sliders BBQ Sliders Your choice of BBQ, jalapeños, tomato, onions and sauce. $36/dozen
Box Lunch Box Lunch Half sandwich, side salad, cookie and a soda. $10.50 (minimum 10)